In recent months it has become more evident why such a provision is so essential. On June 18th, 2011 Ms Lena Brown, an 83-year-old of Green Castle, lost her life to a house fire. This incident has placed a stronger emphasis on the need for an EOC in the most southern communities of Eleuthera. As Wemyss Bight is in a central location to the settlements of Cape Eleuthera, Deep Creek, Green Castle, Cotton Bay, John Millar’s and Bannerman Town, it is believed that this EOC will increase response time to any emergency in these areas and improve SEEP’s overall efficiency. In the wake of a tragic loss of life it would be an even greater tragedy if no effort is made to move toward offering more assistance to the communities of South Eleuthera.  


To provide an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) central to the more southern settlements of Eleuthera that will allow for more timely responses to emergencies in these areas.


Construct an EOC in Wemyss Bight, equipped with ambulance and fire truck and train volunteers in the area to provide fire and medical transport services.