Its Week 4 of 6 Weeks to Wellness: RAW WEEK. NO SWEETS, NO SUGAR!

Persons interested in joining the 5 day juice feast. The feast will start this morning, October 1st 2012. You can drink as much juice as you want (and only juice) as well as water if you feel you aren’t getting enough hydration. The feast will go for 5 days and ends on Friday.

Benefits of Juice Fasting
Juice fasting is one of the best possible ways we can increase our life force (chi), decrease our toxic burden and massively increase our nutrient intake while
giving our digestive system a much needed break. Did you know that after we eat our bodies utilize up to 90% of its energy digesting food? Imagine if this energy was then available to be used by the body to detox and rebuild. Some of the amazing benefits of juice fasting includes:

  1. A large reduction in one’s toxic burden
  2. Increase in energy
  3. Increase in nutrients to the body
  4. Loss of excess fat via the release of stored toxins
  5. Increase in mental clarity
  6. An increase in the pH of the blood 
  7. Radiant skin
How to Juice Feast
Juicing is very easy once you get the hang of it. You can do it with a blender or a juicer! If you have a blender you will need to have a base of 1/2 cup of spring water or preferably coconut water (use the green coconut, NOT THE CANNED COCONUT).

Use any amount of the following ingredients!
Kale/Romaine leaves/Callaloo/Swiss chard/spinach
Apples, Strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, bananas, papaya, pear, cherries
Sweeten with agave!

Juice Instructions
Here are the easy instructions:

  1. Rinse fruits and greens
  2. Slice them up into small portions
  3. Blend/Toss in the juicer/blender and pour juice into a large container
  4. Pour a large glass of blissful juice and store the rest in the fridge
  5. Repeat for the next 4 days

Drink about 1/2 cup to 1 cup per hour throughout the day!

Coming off the Juice Feast
While fasting our stomach size decreases and our body is completely reset which means we need to be very careful regarding the re-introduction of solid foods. Here are some hints below:

  1. Start with organic fruits like bananas, papaya, strawberries, blueberries or grapes in the morning with some nice chamomile/ginger tea.
  2. Continue with a light organic kale, spinach or romaine lettuce to make a salad with veggies and a nice dressing for lunch (if you can, avoid using salad dressing. Just squeeze a lime over the salad)
  3. Dinner can be a light vegetable soup (preferably raw) like a squash or tomato and zucchini soup. 
  4. The following day you can start with a green smoothie and slowly introduce some cooked root vegetables if you like with lots of raw greens.
  5. Stay away from gluten, alcohol, animal proteins, coffee and soda for at least a week following the fast. (Taken from Wellness Uncovered)