The One Eleuthera Foundation launched a “Seeds for Schools” initiative this fall, making pivotal strides in nurturing agricultural literacy among Eleuthera’s youth by donating seeds and growing schedules to local schools. This endeavor exemplifies the Foundation’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices and self-sufficiency while empowering the island’s budding generations. 

The partnership between the One Eleuthera Foundation and local schools, namely, Preston H. Albury and Central Eleuthera High School, signifies a step towards equipping young minds with the knowledge and tools necessary for cultivating agricultural skills and an appreciation for growing what you eat. Through a generous donation of quickly growing seeds sourced from the CTI Farm, the Foundation aims to fortify local student agriculture programs, cultivating hands-on learning experiences beyond traditional classroom boundaries. Each school was also given expert guidance on planting techniques and strategies by Dr. Selima Hauber and Tim Hauber.  

At the heart of this initiative lies the CTI Training Farm, a testament to the Foundation’s vision for a sustainable, food-secure future for Eleuthera and the Bahamas. Spanning across a 50-acre expanse in Rock Sound, the CTI Campus houses this innovative farm, geared toward revitalizing local subsistence farming and reclaiming Eleuthera’s agricultural heritage. 

Featuring state-of-the-art facilities such as the retractable roof grow house utilizing organic and hydroponic techniques, the CTI Training Farm serves as a hands-on educational hub. The diverse infrastructure, including hydroponic ponds and specialized systems for tomato cultivation, embodies the farm’s dedication to nurturing innovative agricultural practices. 

Beyond its physical attributes, the CTI Training Farm symbolizes a multifaceted mission. It seeks to support existing farmers while nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders. By offering training, workshops, and modern techniques, the farm aspires to enhance crop quality, harvest yields, and operational efficiency for local farmers. 

Through initiatives like “Seeds for Schools” and the innovative CTI Training Farm, the One Eleuthera Foundation not only sows the seeds of agricultural knowledge but also cultivates a sustainable future, rooted in community empowerment and self-reliance.