On the island of Eleuthera, there is a huge lack of training mechanisms and resources for potential and existing entrepreneurs. As a result of this deficiency, persons are unable to successfully start, maintain and sustain a business. Secondly, even though locals have promising business ideas, their limited or nonexistent business knowledge and skills, and lack of capacity hinders their ability to carry out a proper business plan. Following this inability to plan lends to the inability to obtain funding for their business. Further, the island of Eleuthera lacks up-to-date technological capabilities, tools and equipment necessary for potential and existing businesses to thrive and/or compete in a global environment.


With no major employers on the island, Eleutherans tend to be very resourceful and entrepreneurial. Local residents typically engage in a variety of economic ventures with most activity revolving around farming, small businesses, residential, caretaking, and the hospitality and services industry (EDAW 2005). One Eleuthera Foundation and Eleutherans think this entrepreneurial spirit can be cultivated with support of a business development organization such as an enterprise center that can give technical and financial support to locals wanting to begin or grow a business. 


To address these problems One Eleuthera Foundation will establish an enterprise center to enable persons to develop, start, maintain and sustain their businesses through strategic planning, business plan development and management, public relations and marketing, networking, legal advice, accounting and avenues for funding. A component of CTI, TEC will also host various seminars and workshops to include soft skills, resume writing, personal and professional development, technology and their uses. The Enterprise Center will include all necessary business resources such as a library, computers, wifi research lounge, and audio/visual technology for individuals who are able to do advance research without assistance. Through the enterprise center, a mentoring program will be implemented encouraging successful business persons to give advice to potential and upcoming entrepreneurs, hence initiating a network of business persons experienced, new and potential.


The South Eleuthera Mission