Did you know that 23% of Bahamian women diagnosed with breast cancer have the BRCA1 gene mutation? This gene mutation makes a women five times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life time than a woman without this mutation.

Did you know that this is the highest prevalence of the BRCA1 gene mutation recorded in any population studied to date?

Did you know that nearly 45% of Bahamian women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are already at stages 3 or 4 compared to 12% of female breast cancer patients in the United States.

Well, whether you knew or did not know, there are still many Bahamian women who:

– remain unaware of these and other statistics,
– do not get screened regulary when they reach the recommended screening age,
– are only aware of myths related to breast cancer, 
– do not know where to go or who to turn to for information or support when diagnosed,
– are afraid.

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