On March 21, Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI) held a short ceremony to award students for successfully completing its Professional Development Course offerings.


Between September and December of 2017 eighteen (18) students worked diligently to complete Accounting with QuickBooks and Office Assistant courses. All students passed these courses with ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades.


Awardees included:

Alissa Murphy

Americka Missick

Anna Lewis

Ashley Taylor

Brittany Carey

Cynthia Cartwright

Edricker Munroe

Gariniece Delancy

Jessica Meadows

Kendy Thompson

Latifah Bowles

Mitzy Sweeting

Natasha Sands

Pamela Gibson

Sandra Ingraham

Susan Culmer


CTI congratulates its students for their drive to further their learning and their commitment to seeing their programs through to the very end.


To learn more about course offerings at CTI call 334.4700, WhatsApp 815.3800, email CTI@oneeleuthera.org or message CTI on Facebook.