In recent years several critical social issues have continued to challenge national development, significantly impacting the quality of life for our populace. These include food security, social equality and accessibility to affordable healthcare, quality education and sustainable housing. More than ever, there’s a dire need for Bahamians to remain at the helm proactively researching and implementing creative, long-term solutions that will allow our small island nation to solve its own challenges.

OEF’s approach is purely one of “grassroots development.” Our process aims to solve challenges by empowering people within local communities to become organized, build capacity, capitalize on their unique “lived experiences” and play a direct role in building a sustainable community model. Together, we’re facilitating our individual and collective development. As the old adage says: “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

Cravo Cooling House

A revolutionary, one-acre retractable grow house designed to increase harvest yields, allow year-round harvesting, and protect crops from extreme weather and hurricane conditions.

Economy Health

We Farmers Market

Our newly constructed open-air facility where the community is invited to buy fresh from our farm and sell their own locally grown produce, bottled goods and specialty crafts. This project also promotes our newly expanded farm-to-table community health and nutrition education initiatives.

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Local Farmer Training

Through our programs, local farmers have access to learn the latest techniques in sustainable farming with emphasis on Hydroponics and Syntropic Farming. Hands-on training and shared knowledge from our well experienced team helps farmers increase their yields while strengthening the local farming industry.

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The Studio for Affordable & Sustainable Housing

This is a ground-breaking pilot project we’re pioneering in partnership with local and international universities, industry professionals and community stakeholders. Our goal is to create an affordable, resilient, energy-efficient home prototype. Residents of depressed socio-economic sectors will have access to well-constructed, low-cost homes and economic mobility through home ownership.


Expansion of Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI)

As our education and training arm, CTI continues to evolve its Skills Training Programming to increase employment outcomes and entrepreneurial opportunities while addressing the growing demand for local, skilled labor.

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Strengthening of South Eleuthera Emergency Partners (SEEP)

SEEP is our core partner and the agency responsible for local disaster management, emergency transport, on-island fire and first response services. We have immediate plans to expand our community services, upgrade critical equipment and escalate volunteer cross-training.


One Eleuthera Foundation

Working together to own and sustain our economy

One Eleuthera Foundation

We recognize the need to offer our expertise in small island sustainability throughout The Bahamas and to countries within the region facing similar challenges. Our goal is to foster a new era of collaboration, strengthened ties, and exponential growth for small island developing states (SIDS) through shared knowledge and our proven community development model.

When we work together and support each other from a place of knowledge, with an aligned vision for success, we become ONE. Join us on this mission!

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