Young people have proven a strong capability to lead change and are a vital investment to any organization. The attitude of young people is changing. The young workforce of One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) have the opportunity to be involved in important decision making and engaging growth in their community.

The comprehensive skills that OEF Staff members under 30 possess, have helped OEF to be a catalyst for change on the island of Eleuthera. Hear what each of our bright, impactful and amazing staff under 30 had to say about leading change on Eleuthera in about 30 words. 

Jessica Meadows – Receptionist, Office Assistant at SEM, 29 

“I am helping to lead change at OEF by being a pride builder and motivating others and inspiring them to take pride in their work. People influenced by them feel good about working for the organization and have a desire to go above and beyond.”


Shapreka Clarke – Community Outreach Assistant, 25 

“Service is an important part of who I am and the fact that I do service everyday through my job at OEF is simply amazing.  The fact that I am a part of an organization that works to make Eleuthera and its people better is empowering.  I am so proud to be a part an amazing organization with like-minded people who are passionate about giving back, who are passionate about our community and making our island and our country a better place.” 


Ronique Carey – Legal Intern, 24

“Being a part of One Eleuthera allows me to use my talents, skillset and profession to impact change in the community by supplementing the goals and vision of the organization with the necessary legal framework to forge forward.” 


Paulterra Johnson – Information Technology Intern, 23

“Being a young individual within the One Eleuthera Foundation, I believe that change is by far the most important necessity that the organization should embrace. Being a person that is technology driven, I believe that I have gotten many curious minds interested in the technical advances that transpire throughout the world on a daily basis. It always warms my heart to know that I can innovate persons on a day to day basis about the one thing that I am most passionate about.” 


Embri Stuart – Development Assistant, 25

“Being a part of the young workforce of One Eleuthera Foundation has helped me to express my desires for change and community involvement more freely. I have been able to take key interests of mine such as environment and my educational background in law and use it in a way where I am able to help others as well as impact the island of Eleuthera. It brings me a great satisfaction to be able to help others in whatever way I can. It is even more satisfying to know that I work for an organization that is helping to make real change possible.” 


Gariniece Delancy – Services Representative for One Eleuthera Cooperate Credit Union, 18 

“I am helping to lead change at OEF by serving the communities of the Island. Helping to offer the people of Eleuthera with an alternative financial Institution with lower rates and savings plans. Also empowering the people by allowing them to have a say in their bank by being able to vote in an annual AGM. I am leading change by being a part of ONE ELEUTHERA COOPERATIVE CREDIT UNION.”


Gacintha Gordon – Development and Communications Officer, 29

“I feel like I am helping to make change at OEF by working with our CEO and other staff to develop and execute plans to fundraise for and communicate our work to the public. This is a vital function in any organization. Funding is needed to sustain our projects and programs so that One Eleuthera and our partners are able to continue to provide the expertise, services and resources necessary to impact the lives of Eleutherans and provide them with hope for the future. When you see a child and even an adult moving from not being able to read to reading at a third grade level, or someone who has been unemployed for years working and giving that job their all, it is an amazing experience to know you had some part in making that possible. Simply being able to positively contribute to my home town and the people who live here is an awesome feeling. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Kenwood – Information Technology Officer, 27  

“Today’s world is a technical one. At OEF, I ensure that the organization, its staff and its volunteers are technically equipped to handle their daily tasks and keep in touch with the world around them. I am also using my role and skills in IT as an opportunity to help OEF in getting the message out about its projects and causes. It gives me an amazing feeling giving back to the community and helping people in need.” 

OEF continues its impact with the technology, creativity and adaptability of these young persons making strides. They are tackling social issues in their community and leading change for this generation through an amazing organization and their own ambitions. 

Written and Edited by: Embri Stuart