The One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) has responded to the increased demand for E-learning courses with a two phase rollout of its One Eleuthera Virtual Learning Platform. As a Partner in Education, their Centre For Training and Innovation (CTI) will be the custodian of OEF’s Virtual Campus.


When COVID-19 created the opportunity for more people to participate in online learning, the Centre For Training and Innovation pivoted quickly to address this demand.  They moved up the platform’s roll out date by four months to May 18, 2020 with a phase one test pilot program. Thirty trial participants located in various parts of Eleuthera were earmarked to sign up for various courses. They will interact with the platform, complete their courses over a two week period, and offer feedback. Phase two will be implemented in the summer of 2020.


CTI’s new virtual platform has been a catalyst that has allowed a flow of creativity and innovation in business, education and enterprise for CTI and its partners. It was also an opportunity to further offer support to the people of Eleuthera and The Bahamas. 


CEO of the One Eleuthera Foundation, Shaun Ingraham shares,  “For the  past eight months, part of our mission at One Eleuthera focused on assisting with Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts.  We were active in relocating residents of Abaco to Eleuthera and providing many programmes that positively supported them. This included housing, food, employment and getting adults and children resettled. We have now transitioned our efforts to assisting persons and front line workers affected by COVID-19. We are happy that our virtual platform is an opportunity for persons to strengthen their knowledge and skillsets.”


Despite having the country under lockdown, OEF was cognizant of creating a harmonious balance for instructors and students and the right use of technology to reach as many people as possible. Leading this e-learning initiative is Banu Devi, OEF’s Academic Dean who has worked in Malaysia and The Bahamas. She has over 25 years of experience in technology and higher education. Devi indicated that plans for a virtual campus started in the Fall of 2019. “We brought forward the introduction of the OEF Virtual Campus, even faster than what we had initially planned, and we are really appreciative of the persons who have worked hard to make it happen.”


This summer, phase two is set to launch with an offering of over 200 courses ranging in areas such as Career Development, Business Skills, Information Technology, Soft Skills, Workplace Essentials, Small Business Training for Entrepreneurs, Human Resources, Internet Marketing and Sales and Marketing.


Additions will include training courses for instructors who have not taught online where they can learn about effective methodologies and tips for online teaching. A number of online trade based specialised courses are also being developed and it is anticipated that these courses will soon be made available. Other courses will address Workforce Readiness and will target young professionals interested in skills training and career development.


Knowing that the world as we knew it will never be the same, One Eleuthera’s CEO does not hide his excitement for the innovative steps the Foundation is taking. “The OEF Virtual Platform is an opportunity for connecting and strengthening our communities, and allows persons to grow and develop in their professional and personal lives,” said Ingraham.


For the first set of participants in the pilot programme getting their online course was an easy click and they have joined another historical moment in the progressive life of The One Eleuthera Foundation. Inquiries about the OEF Virtual Campus can be done by contacting the academic director via email at


The Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI) is the first and only postsecondary, non-profit, training and business enterprise institution on Eleuthera. They encourage growth and development for learners to become better citizes and to contribute to building a vibrant economy for the island of Eleuthera and The Bahamas. More information is available on

The One Eleuthera Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2012 to identify, invest in and strengthen projects that improve the island of Eleuthera and further its economic, environmental and social development. Additionally, they support projects on other islands like New Providence and in the wider Bahamas. One Eleuthera operates a foundation in The Bahamas and one in the USA and is a successful NGO.