On the morning of Saturday April 12th, a small number of students along with their parents gathered at Preston H. Albury High School for a One Eleuthera Foundation sponsored intervention exercise for at-risk students. The exercise was at the recommendation of Mr. Jones, principal of the school. Mr. Jones is very concerned about the frequency of altercations and other negative behaviors being displayed by the young students and sought the assistance of the One Eleuthera Foundation. Guest speaker, Dr. Wayne Thompson, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist told the parents and students  that our country is already in dire trouble because of the high crime rate and we need to make drastic attempts to have it rectified. Dr. Thompson noted that he is very disturbed by the alarming number of sexual abuse cases reported from Eleuthera. He informed the gathering of the active illicit drug and gun trade that is presently destroying our country and its reputation, and also noted that gambling is contributing to the breakdown of our society. Dr. Thompson admonished parents and students ‘wake up’ and change what is going on in our country. A healthy dialogue followed the presentation. Also sitting in at the intervention session was Chris ‘the Fireman’ Brown. Chris contributed the conversation stating that he has personally experienced through the reactions he receives during his travels that the Bahamas has lost a lot of its credibility due to the negative crime statistics reported in the international media. He is often disheartened to read the local newspapers. Chris is very much concerned about this and would like to see it turned around. Representing and bringing greetings on behalf of the One Eleuthera Foundation was Mr. Errol McPhee, newly appointed consultant for One Eleuthera.  Mr. McPhee stated that The One Eleuthera Foundation was proud to be the sponsor such an event.  Also present at the session were a few teachers from the school.


After the intergraded session, Dr. Thompson had a private session where he addressed students only.