Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera – One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) guest speakers at the South and Central Eleuthera Women’s Regional Conference on Saturday, June 25th2016.

The South and Central Eleuthera’s Annual Women’s Regional Conference was held on June 25th – 26th, at the Wesley Methodist Church in  Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera under the theme “Together We Are One” (St John’s Gospel 17: 20-23). More than 50 women from Methodist Church’s across South and Central Eleuthera attended the conference.

OEF staff spoke on the opportunities and challenges it has faced trying to build and sustain Eleuthera. OEF was able to present on innovative partnerships and projects that are beneficial to the Eleutheran people and community. Participants were engaged by OEF showcasing a truly motivational presentation on a variety of projects and programs under OEF, ranging from the Breast Cancer Outreach Program, funded by Susan G Komen, to South Eleuthera Emergency Partners. 

One of the programs that was highlighted during the presentation was the Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI). OEF staff member, Ms. Embri Stuart stated that, “CTI focuses on both people and possibilities. Its vision is to be a provider of vocational training and personal development.” Trainee, Lashanta Stuart shared her personal experience at CTI saying, “It has helped me to further my goals and create a life plan”.  

Participants also heard from Minister Elmina Bethel, who spoke on the topic of “Together We Are One” and she emphasized how important working together as one is to the church and reminded the women that attended the conference that their involvement is needed to continue building the church and the community.

Leaders of the Methodist Church South and Central Regional Women’s Ministry were able to meet and see how this carried over to the mission of OEF and how much we all need to work together to strengthen our communities and maintain a lasting impact. Participants of the conference were also encouraged to become members of OEF and follow the theme of working together as one.

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