Ocean Hole is a large, circular, inland blue hole located in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas. Approximately one mile from the ocean, it is one of Eleuthera’s most famous landmarks, teeming with several different types of fish that was stocked many years ago by fisherman. Locals believe that this mystical body of water is bottomless and has healing powers.  The hole was once explored by Jacque Cousteau, a former winter resident of Eleuthera. In the mid-1950’s to early 1970’s it was a well-established park that was used by both locals and visitors alike. 

Ocean Hole has been a source of recreation and education for locals and visitors for a long time. Teachers occasionally take their students here on field trips as a part of learning about history and science as well as for recreational activities. The Park is sometimes used for community events such as Junkanoo Summer which was held in August of this year. Residents and visitors frequent the hole to feed the fish, dive off of its cliffs and/or take in its beauty while dipping their feet in its waters. 


Continue the development of Ocean Hole as a recreational and educational park  and as a site for visitors and events while maintaining and protecting its natural and historic features.


Ocean Hole’s existing infrastructure will be upgraded and additional amenities added to include a retail space for local Art & Craft vendors, signage, decks, waste management and safety features. Finally, the public will be encouraged to utilize this space to learn about various plant and animal species, swim, relax, host wedding receptions, etc. and attend various community events.


Ocean Hole Initiative

The Nature Conservancy

Ministry of Tourism