The concept for Island Journeys grew out of the need to offer individuals a more substantive opportunity to journey in their own personal development and to also serve others, and in so doing, to contribute to community transformation. The idea was developed by Shaun Ingraham, who helped develop Methodist Habitat, a local NGO that helps people rebuild homes through bringing volunteers to the Islands of the Bahamas to help local communities transform themselves.

Island Journeys is a non-government, non-profit organization that was formed in 2005 to offer a more holistic approach to relief and development. The volunteer focus is centered on deeper, more spiritual, personal transformation. Through this transformation, local people are empowered to change themselves and their communities. We recognize that community transformation can only follow personal transformation.

The Need

To empower individuals and communities. Our communities have many needs, ranging from the need for basic resources such as food and money to greater social and economic issues such as effective reconciliation and conflict resolution, better childcare, a more holistic approach to healthcare, better housing, more sustainable economic development, better opportunities for the working poor (especially women), and better disaster management plans to help our communities before, during, and after a disaster.


To provide and facilitate opportunities for individual transformation to in turn transform communities.


The mission of Island Journeys is to engage individuals in a deep, life-enhancing and spiritual experience through organized volunteer opportunities and sabbaticals of superior quality in every Bahamian community.

Member Logo:

Toward More Sustainable Communities
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Recent Accomplishments:
Current Staff and Volunteers:
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Financial Administrator

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We recruit approximately 300 international volunteers annually and also offer incentives to locals to volunteer (such as our Three for Two program).

Governing Board and Membership:

Island Journeys is incorporated in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas as a non-profit organization. The Board is accountable to its stakeholders: members, partners, donors and volunteers

The management team is as follows:

  • CEO – Shaun Ingraham
  • CFO – Sandra Cartwright-Ingraham
  • COO/Admin – Robyn Curry
  • Project Coordinator – Ian Carey

Organizational structure – Board of Island Journeys to be confirmed

  • President – Shaun Ingraham
  • Secretary – Robyn Curry
  • Treasurer – Ian Carey