The island of Eleuthera is rich with cultural and natural assets that extend for more than 110 miles. These sites are often under-represented and under-interpreted, and their importance both to the local and global bodies of shared knowledge are often overlooked or downplayed. Many believe that through developing this trail and  by properly protecting and interpreting its assets, the economic basis for Eleuthera’s future will be strengthened.


The purpose of this project is to ultimately strengthen our local communities and develop our true assets. This would in turn lead to the attraction of more heritage tourism to Eleuthera.


Each site will receive temporary signage to outline our intent. We will outline our comprehensive plan and opportunities for partnering with us here on our website.


Our partners and collaborators will include the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, The Bahamas National Trust, BREEF, Coastal Awareness, The Government of The Bahamas, MoT, The Nature Conservancy, Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Center, Governor’s Harbour Heritage Trust, UMass Amherst Center for Heritage & Society, North Eleuthera Historical Society, and The Island School.