Happy Earth Day & Happy Anniversary To Us!

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Through your generosity and partnership, we are empowering marginalized communities, and changing the course of history for Eleuthera, The Bahamas and the region. April 22nd will mark 11 yearsThank You!

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WE DID IT… It’s official…The Oasis Grow House is in production mode feeding our island communities FRESH nutritious vegetables!

In-ground beds in our climate-controlled Oasis Grow House are flourishing with a variety of robust crops, including cabbages, carrots, scallions, radishes, beets, kale and more! 

READY, SET, GROW! After many months and hundreds of hours in meticulous team planning, and laser-focused attention on construction and outfitting, we’re ecstatic to say that our Oasis Grow House is in production mode! Our revolutionary 1.1-acre farming facility is providing large quantities of health-boosting vegetables to communities across the island. This project is allowing us to make strides toward increasing food security and food sovereignty for Eleuthera and The Bahamas.

For the first time, our farm will be equipped to grow fresh, nutritious leafy greens and vegetables year-round and beyond the scorching summer months. The Oasis is the only of its kind in the country. It has special weather-detecting sensors and smart technology that automatically closes the roof and wall panels to protect our crops from excessive heat, rain, and wind speeds up to a category 2 hurricane. The farming techniques being used in the Oasis are also being taught to local farmers and backyard growers.

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Inside the Oasis Grow House, our Bato Bucket Hydroponic System is producing a hearty harvest of rich Heirloom, Grape and Cherry Tomatoes, and crisp cucumbers.

Take a peek with farmer Tim inside our Deep Water Hydro Pool! In this hydroponic growing system, hundreds of heads of lettuce and delicate leafy greens move along the surface, growing strong roots and absorbing maximum nutrients thanks to our NanoBubbler. This device increases dissolved oxygen levels for plant growth while reducing pathogens and energy usage.

Affordable, freshly-harvested produce is readily available to local communities, Mon. thru Fri. at our campus.

Every day our coolers are re-stocked with fresh, nutritious vegetables, which are grown year-round in the Oasis, our smart technology cooling house.

TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATION… Local school tours provide students with a rich history of Bahamian agriculture and an up-close look at a modern farming operation.

CULTIVATING FUTURE FARMERS… Local farmers, backyard growers, and volunteers are receiving practical training in safe, sustainable, earth-friendly farming techniques that work. It’s a Win-Win!

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LEADING IN AGRICULTURE… The farm at CTI is attracting the attention of international delegations, governmental organizations, universities & research partners with a shared interest in FOOD SECURITY.

In January, OEF welcomed Her Excellency Ambassador Cindy McCain, the United States Representative to the United Nations in Rome, for a farm and campus tour. The visit was spearheaded by The Bahamas’ Ambassador to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), His Excellency Winston Pinnock.

In February, Dr. Crispim Moreira, FAO representative for Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Belize visited to view our farm and food security projects. We are creating a model operation for The Bahamas and the region in sustainable agriculture. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations leading international efforts to defeat hunger. 

In March, William Wong, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, (back left) paid a visit to view our Oasis Grow House. Morroco has the 9th largest economy in Africa and a robust and diverse farming industry. Ambassador Wong is exploring agricultural partnerships between Morroco & The Bahamas to support local farmers.

Education and training continue to be key priorities for both OEF and CTI. To date over 200 students have been trained and certified in technical trades, improving their employability and opening the pathway to entrepreneurship and economic independence. Student scholarships ensure everyone can access the skills and training needed to succeed. In addition, our “Learn and Earn” program continues to provide students with a weekly stipend as they learn and prepare for a new career.

Our 10 to 12-week programs are approved by the National Accreditation Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAECOB) and structured to include hands-on training with skilled practitioners and traditional classroom learning. Students find the courses to be transformative, allowing them to work alongside their peers to gain valuable knowledge and experience while exploring opportunities that may have otherwise been unavailable to them.

🎓CONGRATS to our South Campus Graduates!
In the last quarter of 2022, our “Learn and Earn” Basic Culinary students and Massage Therapy students trained at our Rock Sound (South Campus) and received their professional certification.

🎓CONGRATS to our CTI-HITS (North) Graduates!
This successful cohort of Session 6 students graduated from our Basic Culinary & Carpentry programs in January 2023. The cycle of learning and technical training continues as we now plan for the graduation of our Session 7 students in North Eleuthera in just a few short weeks. 

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“I would like to say to the youth, this CTI course is very useful and can really help you to be confident in yourself and realize that you can do it. There is no such thing as can’t...
you CAN do it!”

Sa’de Oliver, CTI-HITS
Basic Culinary Graduate, 2022


In 2018 Letita “Vernanchia” Johnson enrolled in the first Basic Culinary program offered at CTI’s Harbour Island Trade School. For over ten years, she had worked at the same restaurant as a line cook but was immediately promoted to Manager after completing her training. This promotion was pivotal in expanding Vernanchia’s vision of one day operating her own restaurant. Today, her restaurant, “Back Road Gal,” pays homage to her island roots and is a popular eatery and catering business on the southern end of Harbour Island.

Known for savory dishes, and great service, she has built a solid reputation with locals and guests. Vernanchia’s restaurant has created full-time employment for others in her community, and she often hires her former co-workers to assist with catering jobs. 


GROWING FOR THE FUTURE… A group of 17 students and faculty visiting from Williams College (Massachusetts) helped to transplant the first, historic crop of tomatoes planted inside the Oasis Grow House in January.

A LEGACY IN EDUCATION…A new cohort of Nursing students from Emory University (Atlanta) arrived in March to volunteer and train with healthcare professionals in our local clinics. We are proud to have continued this tradition of sharing knowledge and cultural exchanges across borders for over 18 years with Emory University.

Schools with MOUs or with whom we have partnered in past years:
  • Clemson University School of Nursing
  • Clemson University School of Architecture
  • Drury University Center for Nonprofit Leadership
  • Emory University School of Nursing
  • Florida A&M University
  • Hendrix College
  • Lee University
  • UMASS Amherst Department of Anthropology
  • University of The Bahamas
  • University of Delaware Center for Research in Education and Social Policy
  • UNC Charlotte College of Arts and Architecture
  • University of North Georgia
  • Wake Forest University Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Williams College Center for Environmental Studies

PLANTING SPRING SEEDS FOR FOOD SECURITY… A group of 15 students and faculty from Lee University (Cleveland, Tennessee) spent their Spring Break volunteering on our farm. They learned hands-on Hydroponics from our farm team and the critical importance of food security to developing nations like ours.

ENVISIONING & EXPANDING OUR CAMPUS…Students of Clemson University’s undergraduate landscape architecture studio, led by Professor Hala Nassar, spent several weeks creating concepts for our future campus expansion. These brilliant concepts feature innovative amenities, facilities, landscaping and aesthetics to fully serve our growing needs and local community. Click here to learn more! 

Click to view online and
learn more about our past accomplishments and community impact in our latest:




This summer, we will host our 3rd Learn-to-Swim Program on campus. Over 6 weeks, we will facilitate FREE swimming and drowning prevention lessons for over 60 children, adults and families to learn this critical life skill. Volunteers are welcome. To learn more email: info@oneeleuthera.org

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The Tribune: The benefits of food preservation / By: Tim Hauber 

The Tribune: Adapting to create systems of change to facilitate national development. / By: Keyron Smith

A Good Diet Is The Secret To Good Health / By: Dr. Selima Hauber

Opportunities For Women In Agri-food Businesses / By: Yolanda Pawar

Good health starts with good nutrition 🥬

The Farmer’s Table restaurant provides a delightful culinary experience for patrons and a social hub for visitors, staff and the community at large. Our farm-to-table restaurant serves delicious, healthful, cuisine made with fresh ingredients and the choicest produce harvested daily from our campus farm. Like our training hotel The Retreat, Farmer’s Table serves another important function as a student training restaurant providing real-world experiences and experiential learning opportunities for our culinary students. The restaurant provides a structured environment for students to receive practical training and guided instruction in food preparation, restaurant operations, hospitality, and customer service. It is also a source of nutritious meals and plant-based dishes to inspire healthier eating habits for our staff and community.


We’ve had so many interesting visitors touring on
campus this month!

From top to bottom (left to right)

  • Ancilleno Davis of the Bahamas National Trust and a senior team from the American Bird Conservancy, including Dave Ewert, made our staff bird-watching experience fascinating & fun. Did you know that our campus is an Ecotours paradise and natural habitat for many different rare and endemic species of birds and animals?
  • Regular “campus goers” – The Island School semester students visited to tour the Oasis Grow House and learn about our Hydroponic farming techniques.
  • Grade 12 students from Central Eleuthera High School visited to gain knowledge for their BGCSE national exam coursework. 
  • Lovely ladies from St. Barnabus Church in Nassau made visiting our campus a priority on their recent trip to explore the treasures of Eleuthera.
  • A visiting delegation from The Turks and Caicos Local Government Office took time out to learn about our food security program and modern farming operation.

Give The Gift of Education

Watch this inspiring video to see for yourself how CTI-HITS is changing lives and outcomes for young people on Eleuthera, one student at a time. Education is the key to bridging the gap, giving young people a fair chance, and investing in those who work and live in Eleuthera. Our programs allow students to learn at home without having to leave their families or give up their current jobs. 

Thank you for your generous support of the One Eleuthera Foundation
and the Centre for Training and Innovation. We are a community-based, people-centered organization committed to creating thriving,
inclusive, empowered and sustainable communities.

Give An Anniversary Gift 💕

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