Everne Anderson-Pyfrom was born in Tarpum Bay but has lived in Rock Sound for the past 35 years. She is currently the Administrative Assistant at the Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI) and is assisting with Program Management. With over 19 years in the customer service industry, she loves interacting with people and prides herself on helping to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved whether it be through solving issues or simply giving service with a smile.

Everne enjoys working with individuals for solutions to both personal or job related issues. She graduated from Preston Albury High School in Rock Sound Eleuthera and successfully completed a Pharamacy Techinician Certification at Success Training College. Before starting at One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF), Everne was working at 2 other jobs part-time in the customer service field. She first learnt about OEF back in 2014 and she served as a volunteer for the organization. “I wanted a position where I felt needed but mostly I wanted to give back, which is why I started volunteer work in my spare time with OEF and eventually became a part of a wonderful team.”

Everne officially started as a full-time staff of OEF in 2015 and she continues to develop in her role at OEF.  “OEF has helped me become more educated in a lot of ways by working in different areas of the organization but mostly it has taught me to be proactive.” She went on to say, “I’ve gained a lot of respect for those who I work with at CTI and looking from the outside in you never realize how hard it is to work for a non-profit organization for the betterment of your people.” 

Everne describes OEF in three simple words, “I think OEF is Visualization to Reality.” Striving to take innovative ideas and turn them into engaged projects. 

When asked what she loved most about OEF, Everne stated that she loves working with people who have the same goals and appreciates giving back to the communities without looking for a thank you in return. She also loves solving problems and improving the experience for trainees at CTI. 

She has described CTI has her favorite project because, “Where I am now at CTI, it feels really good to watch others change and grow for the better and more positive and to know that I’m a part of that growth is a good feeling.” 

When asked about her hope for the future of OEF, Everne emphasized her hope to broaden more minds and her personal wishes for a better community. “I hope that everyone would see that we all need to work together for a better community, island and country because all of us in the end are ONE!” 

To find out more about OEF and the CTI program check out www.oneeleuthera.org as well as OEF’s facebook page: www.facebook.com/oneeleuthera