Colin Moss, a man who views One Eleuthera Foundation as a catalyst for development and change. Originally from Lower Bogue, Colin followed his passion of helping develop the youth of The Bahamas by moving to Palmetto Point in 2010 and serving as Director of an alternative sentencing program with the Methodist Church.

Colin served as a deacon and mentor for those around him to trying to cultivate the potential within those around him. Colin joined the One Eleuthera family 2 years ago where he serves as a Community Outreach Coordinator.

Colin calls on his 12 years of experience in banking as he now serves in economic development, where his mission is communicating to the community OEF’s vision for development in Eleuthera from an economic standpoint.

Apart from that Colin, leads an empowerment class at the Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI) where he teaches the students how to harness the gifts and abilities that they have within them. One way that Colin helps the students to reach their full potential is to make sure that they have documents such as a passport, U.S visa, driver’s license, National Insurance Card, and Voter’s Card. This not only helps the students to feel empowered but also ensures that they are making steps towards becoming more responsible citizens. He hopes that the students can also take advantage of every opportunity they have to explore the world. Colin believes that it’s important to give the students internal tools for success and it would be all for naught if they are denied opportunities because they lack those external tools needed for success.

Colin attended the Bahamas Baptist College in New Providence and holds a diploma in ministry from the Center for Leadership Education and Training (C-LET). Colin is the President of the Rotary Club of Eleuthera. He has two children, Kristman (13) and Cameron (10) that he raises with his loving wife of 19 years, Patrice.

When asked what excites him about his future, Colin had this to say “We haven’t seen true innovation yet, it’ll happen when the students graduate. I am excited to see the future we create by helping them through the CTI program.”

Persons interested in donating to or helping with the CTI program please contact: (242) 334-2700 for more information.