Twenty-nine-year-old Anastacia Delancy is a trainee worth highlighting! Born to Versa Miller and Irwin Gibson, the Eleuthera native originates from Deep Creek and is highly driven and motivated by her desire to succeed.

Anastacia, affectionately called “Stacia”, says that she heard about the Centre for Training and Innovation from our very own Administrative Assistant, Evern Anderson-Pyfrom. Stacia has been working in the housekeeping department at CTI since the program began in 2015, and outlined that her daily tasks there include “cleaning the rooms and making sure everything is in order.”

When asked what she liked most about working at CTI, Anastacia told us that she liked the fact that she could broaden her education. She said that the entire program keeps her altogether motivated. She is grateful for CTI because the program gives her the opportunity to get help with her BJCs and BGCSEs, which will help her to get into college to pursue her dream degree.

As for her performance in the courses provided, Anastacia is doing well, maintaining passing grades in each subject. She told us that her favorite course is Computer Studies. She mentioned that her instructor has introduced her to new formats which she has perfected and have been so far very useful to her!

We asked Stacia what she would probably be doing if she was not working at CTI, and she told us that she had a small part time job at Princess Cays and she was a stay-at-home mom for her two girls, Deondra, who is 7, and Tyreka, who is 9. She also shared that in her free time she likes to read the Bible, listen to music, and surf the internet.

Overall, Anastacia is a kind, warm-hearted, loving, and friendly individual. We are happy to have her as part of our hard-working team!