Nolan Pratt, a native of Waterford, is an Apprentice excelling at Centre for Training and Innovation. 

Before CTI Nolan occasionally went fishing. For him this was not a consistent form of income. He wanted and needed skills training, mentorship and a grasp on where he intended to go in the future.

Because of CTI, Nolan has gained skills in masonry and carpentry that he can use almost anywhere. CTI is a learn-to-earn program which means Nolan and all Apprentices receive a stipend for projects they work on. This stipend allows Nolan to financially assist his mom with his younger siblings; something he is more than grateful to be able to do. He feels like he has been given a second chance.

Nolan encourages the young men and women out there, who may be feeling all hope is lost, to keep a positive outlook on life. “Understand that bad times do come in life, but you have to stick the bad out until better comes. Stay positive and keep moving forward”, he said. 

This CTI Apprentice also advises young men and women to surround themselves with positive people who will push them forward.

He further encourages people to attend CTI. “If they come to CTI, I feel like they can elevate and advance themselves in life by picking up a trade and then making it their profession.

Learn more about CTI through OEF’s website and through a recent article published in The Eleutheran.