Information on Breast Cancer was presented to the women of Current Island on Sunday February 23rd, 2014 by Community Outreach Coordinator Maisie Pinder. The small gathering consisted of 10 ladies, most of whom were of Current Island. Anne Brown, Suzette Kemp and Orlean Brown, all of whom are breast cancer survivors, recounted their experience with Breast Cancer. Orlean leaves today to have her first session of radiation treatment. After the ladies shared their stories, breast cancer facts were shared with everyone. This was followed by questions and comments from the audience. The women were all very attentive to both the testimonies of the survivors, and the breast cancer facts given. All of the women that attended have had a mammogram and pledge to continue regular screenings. They are also very excited of the mammogram program that is coming to the island. All filled out the short survey and said that they will try to practice  healthier lifestyles by eating better and exercising more. At the closing of the session, we all wished Orlean well for her 6 weeks of radiation therapy.

Note: One Eleuthera COC position is funded by a grant from Susan G. Komen.