A total of 7 women were identified and trained to serve as breast cancer aids for the Breast Cancer Outreach Program. The sessions were split into two due to the various locations of these individuals.

The first session was held at the South Eleuthera Mission (SEM) with volunteers, Nathalie Russell, Everne Pyfrom and Lakiese Ward-Thompson. The second training session took place at Cancer Society Wellness Center (CSE) with volunteers Christie Cadet, Bernadette Colebrooke, Sherry Cann and Michelle Bain-Johnson. 

The small group thoroughly went through the breast cancer information provided by trainer Maisie Thompson. They all committed to learning all they can in order to intelligently speak on the topic of breast cancer and assist Ms. Thompson in making presentations on breast cancer. Each trainee shares a keen interest and wishes to assist with bringing awareness to the wider community.

One Eleuthera  Breast Cancer Outreach Program is funded by a grant from Susan G. Komen