Starting the 10th January 2014, Masie Pinder,  the COC for One Eleuthera and Susan G. Komen, mentored a Deep Creek Middle School (DCSM) student, Leslya Munroe, who was interested in the study of Breast Cancer in the Bahamas and on Eleuthera. The 9th grade student came to the offices of the One Eleuthera Foundation every Friday and sat with Maisie for 2 hours for the period of 6 weeks consecutively to get breast cancer information and learn all she could about breast cancer. During the mentorship Maisie and Leslya got to know each other better and stayed in constant contact. Together they did research and went over various brochures to compile facts. Leslya gained meaningful knowledge about breast cancer statistics and became a junior advocate telling others what she learned. She was able to present the information as a power point project on students’ presentations day at her school. This was done in March and Maisie attended for support.  On May 31st, Maisie along with Leslya staged a concert at the Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Center (EACC) to help bring further awareness to Breast Cancer, something Leslya had planned on doing before graduating in June 2014. Maisie was the featured speaker and gave breast cancer talk to the 70 plus attendants.  Each attendant also took with them at the end of the evening, breast cancer brochures.