The settlements of Bannerman Town, Millars and John Millars are perhaps the least developed settlements in the isle of Eleuthera. This collection of communities is comprised of approximately 105 inhabitants consisting of about forty primary and secondary schools students, and a number of young adults who are jobless and lack the basic skills necessary to obtain a job. Unfortunately, primary school students must be transported to school by bus approximately twelve miles away from their home and secondary students travel approximately thirty miles.

It is important to note that once these students leave their respective schools they do not have access to a library, computer, or internet service to assist them with their homework assignments. Furthermore, there is no public building where residents can gather to conduct meetings or socials within the community. Hence, the Association recognizes the immediate need to establish a community centre which will (i) be equipped with a small library and computer lab (ii) enable residents to hold meetings and socials as needed and (iii) eventually provide training for those who seek to build or improve their basic job skills


To provide a space for residents, especially students to complete homework assignments and research as well as a place for community activities.


Stakeholders of the Bannerman Town community seek to renovate an old government building to be used as a library and community center. Upon its completion, residents of Bannerman Town will be employed at the center to provide assistance with homework and research and host various community and training programs.