Eleuthera Community Farms

A model farm for sustainability and food security that supports new and veteran farmers

Online Learning

Learn the practical skills you need to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Empowering Communities

Providing essential, life-saving emergency services and vehicles for residents.

One Eleuthera Solar Farm


OUR Vision

For Eleuthera to become a thriving, inclusive, and equitable community-driven ecosystem for sustainable social and economic empowerment and development

Mission Statement

Planning, strengthening, and connecting with people and organizations to create sustainable change in Eleuthera.

    1. Planning and preparing for the future.
    2. Strengthening communities, organizations, and partners throughout Eleuthera.
    3. Connecting communities, people, and spaces to enable open dialogue, promote a shared vision and facilitate access to the resources required to create positive and effective changes.

Advocating for Our Island

One Eleuthera Foundation was formed in 2012 to protect our island from large-scale developments that would forever alter the pristine natural landscape, disrupt fragile marine and land ecosystems and further disempower our people by perpetuating the cycle of overdependency on foreign direct investment.

Our response was to unite and build a sustainable, equitable community development model, focused on the holistic well-being of those we serve. This model encompasses economic ownership, meaningful educational advancement, pathways to wellness, and environmentally sustainable communities centered around our island’s unique cultural identity. 

We want to ensure that all Bahamians are participating, contributing, and benefiting from homegrown-driven commerce and a thriving economy while protecting our islands and heritage. We are united in building a sustainable, sound, and prosperous future for all.

A Shared Vision

The formation of One Eleuthera Foundation was inspired by “A Shared Vision for South Eleuthera.” This research document contained feedback gathered from a diverse cross-section of concerned community members and stakeholders from across Eleuthera. They put “heads and hearts together” to envisage new pathways to build a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future. Created in 2010, it laid the groundwork for OEF’s programmatic approach to sustainable development around five key areas of focus: economy, education, environment, health, and heritage. It outlined a sustainable plan for Lighthouse Point and other special heritage and conservation sites on Eleuthera, and addressed areas of underdevelopment that continue to guide, inform and inspire the work of OEF and its partner organizations today.

Make an Impact

We are entering a new and accelerated phase of strategic growth, and are excited about the progressive projects underway that will have long-reaching positive impacts on both a local and national scale. Through these dynamic initiatives, we are creating sustainable growth, independence, economic empowerment, and new opportunities for people and our local communities to flourish. Join us in building a sustainable future for this and future generations to succeed.