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CTI has been instrumental in driving sustainability and innovation in education and training, offering a wide variety of in-person educational programs, short and long courses, and diverse workshops for the residents of Eleuthera. This focus on skill development has helped to build capacity, character, and communities through education and mentorship, ultimately empowering the local population and fostering economic growth.

This past fall, The Rock Sound Campus launched Learn and Earn courses in Carpentry and Basic Culinary with twenty students enrolled. This semester’s students took service learning to the next level with a curriculum that combined learning objectives with community service to provide a community focused learning experience.

The Harbour Island Trade School (CTI-HITS) also launched an exciting lineup of fall courses. Students in North Eleuthera had the opportunity to advance their careers with professional development certifications in QuickBooks 1, Entrepreneurship, and The Art of Hosting – a workshop series tailored specifically for hotels and restaurants. Twelve Eleutherans successfully completed our QuickBooks course, gaining essential financial management skills, and another twelve students embarked on our entrepreneurship course, equipping themselves with the tools necessary for business innovation and success.

By continually adapting and innovating, CTI stands as a beacon of empowerment, illuminating pathways for our youth to achieve personal growth, contribute meaningfully to their communities, and shape a more prosperous and resilient future for Eleuthera.

CTI’s signature Learn and Earn program takes a multidimensional approach to improving employability and increasing capacity. Our students receive scholarships and a weekly stipend while learning, plus a starter tool kit. Each life touched is a life empowered through education and training.

Photos: Top to bottom
CTI Learn and Earn Basic Culinary Students produce tasty rolls and cakes for a practical assessment. The baked goods were later distributed by the students to elderly community members as a part of their service learning exercise.

CTI-HITS QuickBooks 1 Students are hard at their studies learning the ins and outs of basic online accounting and record keeping.

Photos: L to R
Tiffany Bain, Dean of CTI instructs CTI alums in our newly launched Entrepreneurship Course designed to help graduates elevate their business skills.

CTI-HITS Students proudly celebrate their achievements at a graduation ceremony held on Harbour Island.

Joining the team, Ms. Bain brings a wealth of expertise. Her educational background is both diverse and comprehensive. She is a distinguished alumna with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Affairs from Bethune-Cookman University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Curriculum, and Pedagogy from the University of Southern Queensland, and a Master of Science in Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management and Youth Development from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Technical and vocational training serves as a cornerstone for uplifting communities, building industries, and driving economic development in the country.

Since 2016, CTI has trained over 300 students on Eleuthera, most of whom would not have had access to any level of post-secondary education. By tailoring courses to the specific labor needs on the island, CTI has been a driving force in fostering economic growth while empowering students to meaningfully contribute to their households, communities, and the local economy.

As communities become hubs of skilled professionals with thriving enterprises, there is a cascading effect on economic development. As the new Dean, CTI looks forward to Ms. Bain enriching its educational programs and reinforcing the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and innovation in local education.

CLICK HERE to read the full press release introducing Tiffany Bain, Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at CTI. 

Photo: L TO R
Lee University Students and Faculty enjoy a break from volunteering on the CTI Farm in Rock Sound and indulge in a delicious meal amongst friends at Farmer’s Table restaurant on campus.
Chauncey Rolle, a talented artist from South Eleuthera, demonstrates his painting skills at our monthly farmers market, where he also sells his artwork to visitors and the local community.

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Photo: Left Sheryl Fax, Stores and Report Services Associates (CTI) collecting fresh produce for her weekly deliveries to Central and North Eleuthera restaurants, hotels and retailers.

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One of the leading initiatives developed by OEF is the CTI Training Farm, which leads the foundation’s efforts in creating a more sustainable, food-secure future for Eleuthera and the Bahamas. The farm provides hands-on agricultural education and training to increase local subsistence farming and empower Eleutherans to reclaim their proud agricultural heritage.

Our goal is to strengthen and support existing farmers while attracting, recruiting and training the next generation of young farmers to ensure the viability and continuity of the industry.
The farm also aims to increase food security and community health through educational and training opportunities for local farmers and our community.

One of the key initiatives of the One Eleuthera Foundation is to increase food security and self-sufficiency through knowledge sharing and teaching best practices to produce greater yields. Farm Associate Alex Ferguson is being trained on using the BCS walk-behind tractor. This nifty tool can be equipped with a variety of attachments to perform different tasks on the farm, including tilling the soil and preparing soil beds, plus more for greater productivity and less manual labor.

Photos: Top to bottom
Lindsay Rigby, Assistant Grower (CTI Farm) proudly poses with a fresh harvest of cucumbers in the Oasis Grow House.
Selima Hauber, Crop Production Officer (CTI Farm) plants seeds and transplants lettuce seedlings into the Deep Water Hydroponics Pool.
Alexander Ferguson and Charles Dupuch, Farm Associates (CTI Farm) assist with transplanting tender, young seedlings into floating rafts.

Photos: Top to bottom
Officer Brown and the youngsters from The Eleuthera Youth Cadet Program experience the joy of extracting and eating honey fresh from the honeycomb in our Honey Shack. During their guided farm tour they learned about the importance of bees to our ecosystem and the benefits of sustainable farming.
The Oasis Grow House, is 1.1 acres of expansive farming space. It is flanked by three water reservoirs that can store over 1 million gallons of rainwater.
‘Lutra Honey is the product of our very own apiary and farm. It is bottled on campus at The Honey Shack. This facility is provided free of charge to local beekeepers to process and bottle their honey.

Photos: Below
Inside the Oasis Grow House, you’ll find a green oasis crowned with vibrantly colored beets, tomatoes, and other nutritious produce.
Deep Creek Middle School Students learn the fascinating history of Bahamian agriculture on their farm tour.

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Together, we are making an impact and changing not just lives but
generations because of your generosity!

The One Eleuthera Foundation was delighted to support Preston H. Albury and Central Eleuthera High School with a donation of seeds from the CTI Farm to support student agriculture programs.

We’re excited to see Eleuthera’s young growers cultivate their farming skills and we eagerly anticipate having their produce at our monthly farmers markets. Together, we’re sowing seeds for a food-secure future!

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In partnership with OEF, student nurses from
Emory University have visited and volunteered
on Eleuthera as a part of their study
abroad programs for close to two decades!

These visits have provided an invaluable opportunity for each new cohort to learn about the island’s healthcare system and to gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by small island developing states and family island healthcare facilities. Under the direct supervision of local medical professionals, Emory’s student nurses work in local healthcare settings where they observe first-hand the innovative solutions and adaptations developed to best serve patients based in more rural communities with limited resources. This Emory health team spent a week in South Eleuthera in October volunteering at local clinics, visiting schools, and providing free community health checks and health education to students, cancer patients, our staff and the broader community.

CLICK HERE to read more about how we are fostering relationships with international universities to drive cross-border learning and community development projects.


Rebecca Fabrizi, the United Kingdom’s Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Envoy, recently paid a fruitful visit to the CTI campus.
Together, we’re fostering international partnerships for a brighter, more sustainable future…today.

L to R: Kentisha Ward, OEF Development & Grants Officer; Keyron Smith, OEF President and CEO; Rebecca Fabrizi, UK’s SIDS Envoy; Tim Hauber, CTI Farm Development Officer; Robyn Curry, OEF Executive Support Officer;
Yolanda Pawar, OEF Chief Communications Officer

On August 16th, 2023, the leadership team at OEF/CTI had the pleasure of hosting Rebecca Fabrizi, the United Kingdom’s Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Envoy and Deputy Director for the Americas and Head of the Caribbean and SIDS Department at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.
Ms. Fabrizi toured CTI’s state-of-the-art ‘Oasis’ Grow House and observed how modern technology combined with low-tech farming is creating pathways

to food security for Eleuthera and positioning the farm at CTI to increase food production by growing nutritious produce during the traditionally barren summer months. The farm tour highlighted a variety of sustainable farming techniques and CTI’s “live lab” model, where local farmers have access to free hands-on training. Ms. Fabrizi expressed her delight with the progress being made and praised OEF’s contributions to sustainability, increasing local capacity, and driving awareness around food security for the island and region. 

Our three social enterprises, which are located at the Rock Sound campus, continue to provide our CTI students with experiential hands-on training and the professional guidance needed to complement their education.

The Retreat Hotel, The Farm at CTI and Farmer’s Table restaurant play a crucial role in preparing each student for the workforce, giving them a competitive advantage and the confidence to apply their knowledge and training. This boost in experience and mentorship goes a long way in creating successful outcomes and enhances each student’s leadership skills. 

By supporting or donating to our social enterprises, you are making an investment that goes well beyond a sale or gift. You are making a direct investment in lives, livelihoods, and our economy while helping us to build a pathway to a better, more resilient and secure future for many!

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🌴✨ In December, The Retreat Hotel made international headlines and was cited as the Caribbean’s Most Sustainable Hotel by Caribbean Journal, the world’s largest website covering Caribbean travel, tourism & trade. We had the pleasure of hosting Alexander Britell, Editor-in-Chief/Founder, and Guy Britton, Executive Vice President and Managing Editor, the power team behind this online publication, to a tour of our property and farm.


The duo got a first-hand look at how our unique agri-tourism hotel and training campus is driving sustainability on Eleuthera and creating a model for the region through “training, teaching, developing and ensuring a lasting, residual and transformational impact on lives and within communities.” 
This online publication has over 200,000 subscribers and a Facebook following of over 433k people. 
To read the full article on this prestigious award, click here.

Photo on left: L to R: Yolanda Pawar, OEF Chief Communications Officer; Guy Britton, Caribbean Journal Executive Vice President and Managing Editor; Keyron Smith, OEF President and CEO; Alexander Britell, Caribbean Journal Editor-in-Chief/Founder.

BIG NEWS 📣 Booking your stay at The Retreat Hotel is easier than ever. Click here to access our convenient online booking engine and come visit us soon!

The Farmer’s Table Is Open: Tue-Sat from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm!
Community health is directly linked to dietary choices. Our mission is to make fresh, nutritious meals available and affordable for every household on Eleuthera. Our restaurant offers a wide variety of plant-based meals, salads and smoothies that make nutritious and healthful eating a truly delightful and energizing experience. 

Our farm-to-table restaurant serves delicious, healthful cuisine made with fresh ingredients and the choicest produce harvested daily from the CTI farm. “Farm to Table” means embracing freshness and sustainability by sourcing locally grown produce that is more nutrient dense. It’s about enjoying delicious meals made with fresh ingredients while promoting a healthier lifestyle, supporting local farmers, and savoring the flavors of seasonal, farm-fresh goodness.

Farmer’s Table Menu Spotlight 🍽 Healthy Smoothies and Bush Teas!

With beautiful colors and meals bursting with flavor, The Farmer’s Table restaurant keeps us full, happy and healthy every day!
But did you know that our campus eatery also specializes in natural, healthy smoothies, juices and bush teas? The vibrant flavors and natural health benefits of refreshing Bahamian bush teas and freshly squeezed juices are available daily. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, they provide another delicious reason to visit the CTI Campus and indulge.

Customers can try our zingy Lemongrass Bush Tea or soothing Hibiscus-Beet juice or Beet Punch. Ask for our daily selection!

Serving breakfast and lunch daily, our menu incorporates many of our traditional Bahamian dishes alongside international favorites, all made with a tasty twist and infused with the freshest produce harvested straight from our farm to your plate.
Having access to healthy dining alternatives allows our community to make smart and beneficial choices that produce amazing health benefits.

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Click Below To Catch Up on the latest bi-weekly articles written by our leadership team and published in The Tribune newspaper. For your convenience and reading pleasure, we have posted these articles to our OEF website. 

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By: Kim Williams Pulfer, Secretary OEF Board of Directors  





Click to Watch how CTI-HITS is changing lives and outcomes for young people on Eleuthera, one student at a time. Our main goal is to help people gain the trade and technical skills they need to not just survive but thrive and help build our local communities. Education is the key to bridging the gap and creating transformational change and positive social and economic development.

Click to Watch this episode of The Charlie Bahama Show with host Charlie Smith as he explores our amazing campus and learns about OEF and CTI’s exciting and innovative work on Eleuthera. 

Thank you for being a friend and supporter of One Eleuthera Foundation and CTI. We value your interest and partnership in our community development work. Your generous gifts, both large and small, are making an impact and changing, not just lives, but generations!

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